Friday, 15 March 2013

Planning for Kuala Lumpur Trip

Kuala Lumpur part 3 ( Planning your trips )

Most of the travellers always plan their trips before going to the country. It is the best to know their culture, transportation and etc. Here is some tips.

1. Timing

If you are looking for cheap and affordable price for hotel, choose a right timing to go...

During peak seasons like Chinese New Year, New Year, Christmas, Singaporean and Malaysian School Holiday and etc. The hotel will be much expensive than usual.

For Shopping lovers...

Malaysia Megasale Carnival which is held on March, August and December. This is sale time throughout Malaysia and if you are looking for bargains this is the best time to visit.

Don't worry about the tropical weather. It either rain or sunny. You just need to bring your umbrella along for your own good.

2. Flights

You must book early for your flight.

3. Hotels

Please read reviews before you book the hotel. 

Recommend website:

4. Transport and getting around

It is better to take public transport than take Taxi whole day.

First, you need to get know their public transport such as monorails. If you don't know anything, there are friendly staffs willing to help you.

Just follow a simple steps to make your trips safe and easy.

1. Start Planning early

2. Do your research

3. Know your budget

4. Know what you want to do

5. Be realistic on what to do and how much you plan to spend there



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