Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Johor Bahru Night Market

Where ?

Near to grand Paragon Hotel and KSL

Date ?

Every Monday 

Time ?

4.30pm - 9pm

Night Market or "Pasar Malam", the common sayings among the locals is a temporary moving market that sells random stuffs ranging from food, electronic items, clothing and many more. Such item like the famous "Ramly Burger" are found here too. 

 The street behind Grand Paragon is cordoned off and is lined with the mobile vendors. The Pasar Malam stretches all the way to KSL. If you are coming around 7pm, some of the vendors already packed  their stuffs once they sell finish.

Ayam Percik, among the local delicacies of Malaysians and Singaporeans. It's tasty and tangy sauce
may set you to buy some more upon finishing up. Comes in random short chicken portion that
cost from RM2

 Nothing can beat is their local food ! There are also many stalls selling raw meat, seafood, vegetables and Yong Tau Hu.
Trying to beat the hotness weather while travelling on the streets? Sugarcane
is your best option while seeing down this local drink that are common
throughout the night market. Be sure to pick one up when it's cold. 

Running out of ideas in your kitchen? Try to find raw items in this moving night market.
Simply saying, even some items you can't find in their wet market can be found here.



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