Saturday, 9 January 2016

Shipsomnia 2016 - At Sea [Part 2]

Second day mostly will be at sea with the ship cruising along the Malacca Strait. What will be great than to spend the time suntanning or heading to the activities that are planned throughout the day.

Sailing with a cruise speed of 17.0 knots, traveling along the SW coast of Malaysia Strait, and by the late afternoon the west coast of Malaysia in order to arrive at 08:00 by Phuket Anchor Position. The ship has onboard communication services by yours truly - MCP NO (Maritime Communications Partner) which offers full support of GSM and CDMA standards platform.  Enabling users to make and receive voice calls, SMS, MMS, send and receive data, or access internet. There's onboard WIFI service throughout the service with a service fee cost ranging from 1hr, 3hr and full day usage.
Image by MCP - Maritime Communications Partner

Sunny and breezy makes it the ideal and perfect weather to be out in the sun.

The Aquarium - Concorde Plaza Deck 7

I spent the day going to the gym, running around the ship's jogging track and ended the day chilling inside this place (picture above). It's cool that they take the extensive d├ęcor to fit the theme of every location.


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