Saturday, 9 January 2016

Shipsomnia 2016 - The Search For Lost Rhythms [ Part 1 ]

Ahoy Matey!

I was invited to an exclusive event on board a cruise ship, Costa Victoria, that sails along the Malacca and Andaman Sea on a 5 days / 4 nights trip that made a stop in Phuket (Banana Beach) and Langkawi stopever (Resort World Langkawi). The main purpose of the event? There's a lot to say but firstly....

Would like to thank the event sponsor for inviting me on this maiden voyage. This is my first ever invitation as a travel blogger and onboard a cruise ship. Couldn't be more grateful and I'am thankful for it.

The event has a special slogan to it - The Search For Lost Rhythms. Without a doubt the first thing will be thinking about will be

Music, music and more music! Live performances with DJs spinning to the tune

That what I was excited too when reading their website on this voyage and could't be more happier than waiting till the day to arrive. 

Day started out when I head out to Harbour Front Cruise Terminal which is conveniently located near the MRT station and Vivocity. I had to come earlier as I don't even know how and what I was going to be expected with the boarding processes as this is my first time to encounter checking in a different kind of terminal. 

So checking in was very easy with number tagging collected after deposit my heavy luggage and a simple health questionnaire given out too. There was a lot of time left for me to roam around the vicinity of Harbour Front shopping area and Vivocity.  

COSTA VICTORIA (ITALY AT SEA) ~ Victoria-class cruise ship owned and operated by Costa Crociere. She debuted in 1996 and was refurbished in 2004. She was designed to reflect the spirit of Italy.

As the tide was low when check in was open, I waited around for 45mins - 1hr before even given clearance by the crew to being the process again. Even though it cause confusion, but even when this happened, it didn't stop the fellow shipsomniacs to be crazily hype with warm conversations among fellow crowds.

The complimentary room given during my stay is a double occupancy room with an outside ocean view cabin.
There's a TV, kettle, cups and the usual items which normally a person would stay in a hotel. Air-con has very good air flow. Thumbs up for that!

Each person were given a pamphlet of the activities of each day and where you should be at. I came inside the room around 7 pm plus and I couldn't resist walking around the ship. But first thing first, food! It's a must to visit the self-service buffet on Deck 11 as they cater to a wide variety of food that range from international cuisine to Italian home foods. We went for a quick bite as every passengers were required to attend a drill at 10 pm for those who embarked from Singapore. But fret not as there was a lot of time to eat. 

As the ship set sails from Harbour Front, the view from a cruise ship is really an awesome experience!

Activity for day 1

Within minutes the ship started to come alive

First day was all about familiarisation and I was quickly getting to where the facilities inside the ship. But what can not be forgotten about.... the code! Aye, keep to the code!

1. Befriend Others - thou shall not dance alone.
2. Respect Ye Ship - if you wouldn't do it at home, don't do it here.
3. Protect Yourself - use sunscreen and stay hydrated.
4. Walk the Plank! - [this was seriously reminded lots of time even before the festivities started] No drugs. no outside booze, no weapons, no stealing and no fighting. There's no parlay when it comes to these actions.
5. No smoking inside - please use ashtrays and not the ocean!
6. Have a Blast - let's party responsibly and have tons of fun!

p/s : sponsored by MadFreshEvents