Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kuala Lumpur Part 2 ( Public Transport )

This is another Kuala Lumpur Part 2 !

I would like to share with you about public transport in Kuala Lumpur.

Do you know about public transport in Kuala Lumpur ?

KL's transport system can be inefficient and tedious, due to traffic snarls and a network that does not interconnect well once out of the city centre, which makes the city embarrassingly disabled-unfriendly. Taxi drivers can be unscrupulous, often trying to make a quick buck by not turning on their meters. If you're travelling within the city, the LRT and monorail are effective, but if you're travelling longer distances, investigate your options. Or just hire a taxi for the day and make your terms clear before you step in.

1. Getting from the Airport

From Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

There is no express to go to KL Sentral. You have to take their shuttle service bay ( opposite domestic arrival ) to Salak Tinggi to take their KLIA transit. It is much faster than taking taxi because you may not know about the traffic condition. You also save a lot of money ! It is just RM12.50.

From Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA )

This is express to go to KL Sentral. It will be slightly expensive because non-stop and faster train to reach to the city than any transport. 

2. Getting Around KL

By Rail

There is 3 types services in KL's rail system.

1. Monorail Line

Monorail line cover most of the popular places to explore in KL especially shopping centres. 

This is the rate of the monorail.

It is the best if you get their MyRapid for RM10 ( contain RM8 in the card ). It is much more connivence than going to the vending machine to get token to get in the monorail. 

2. Kelana Jaya Line

Kelana Jaya line that runs from terminal Putra station in Gomak to northeastern KL to Letaling Jaya, ending at Kelana Jaya in the southwest. This line more for working people in KL. During peak hour, it is very pack.

3. Ampang Line

Ampang Line is more further away from the city area in Kuala Lumpur. Ampang and Sri Petaling lines which run from northern KL ( Sentul Timur Station ) to Ampang in the east and Sri Petaling in south.

By Bus

Buses are the cheapest form of travel, depending on the journey's distance, and whether you get an all-day pass. However, it take longer time to reach your destination.

Rapid KL covers most major areas in the city and provides feeder services to train ( mainly LRT stations ). The fare is RM2 for the whole day; buy a ticket on the bus on your first ride and flash it at the driver to all subsequent rides.

* Special for Girls *

There is also an female Rapid Bus Wanita ( Rapid bus for women only ) - through these buses are not on all routes. This is to help counter the sexual harassment and rape that has happened to women travelling alone on buses.

By Taxi

Taxis in KL are metered, air-conditioned and can seat up to four passengers. The meters, starting at RM3 for the first kilometre, and a 10sen increase for every 200m. A 50% surcharge applies from midnight to 6am.

*Be careful of some taxi drivers that they might never turn on their meter and anyhow give the price *



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