Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Taipei Day 3

Day 3 Taichung - Taipei
Ended my trip in Taichung. It's time to go explore Taipei. I went to take public bus to go Taipei because it was cheap than taking train. Took bus from Taichung station to Taipei main station.

 Welcome to Taipei ! My arrival at Taipei main station, I decided to took Taxi to my hotel. It is because I had no idea where is my hotel. The Taxi driver was friendly and greeted me. The service in Taiwan really excellent, which made my day in Taiwan.

Outside of my hotel

I decided to stay at Xiemen Relite Hotel because it is close to main station and easy access. Their service was good. However, the room that I booked was very dirty and smelly. It's was very dark and poor decorated. I was very disappointed of their room. Their breakfast was quite okay.

 Welcome to Xinmending!

Xinmending is a best well-known place for shopping. There is a huge selection of fashionable clothing, accessories in many styles include Japanese, Chinese and Western. There is a lot of teenagers hangout place. Ximending is filled with all kinds of shopping options, from department stores to shops and stores, including various CD shops, hair salons, Eslite Department Stores, movie theaters, Karaoke and many others

Xiemen Relite Hotel Address
No.21, Section1, Zhonghua Road -Zhongzheng District, Zhongzhen District, 100 Taipei 


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