Thursday, 31 January 2013

Last day in Taiwan..

I didn't go anywhere as I was too tired. I ended up buying some sandwiches and drink at 7-11. Who say 7-11 sandwiches not nice ? In Taiwan, their sandwiches are so delicious that I everyday eat sandwiches and their packet of drink of Wintermelon with Lemon. It's so tasty. 

In Taiwan, most of the students and working adults always go 7-11 to buy their breakfast. In 7-11, you can find a lot of delicious food for your morning. They even provide chairs and tables for the customers. There are a lot of 7-11 everywhere ! Why not you give it a try of their delicious sandwiches ?

After my breakfast..

I decided to rest awhile before going to Tao Yuan International Airport.

Thank God !

The staff in my hotel is very good. She helped me to call Cab because my bags were very heavy and I unable to carry to take public bus. She even asked me to rest in my room as my check-out actually at 12pm. She allowed me to stayed in my room till 1.30pm. After that, the taxi driver arrived, the staff asked the taxi driver to come up to take my bags. I was very pleased of their service. *There is not lift in this hotel* I am really love Taiwanese kind-hearted and warm welcome from them.

A great travel in Taiwan !

Welcome to Tao Yuan International Airport. ( Departure Hall )

Before flying back to Singapore...

Last minute shopping in this Hello Kitty shop to buy some gifts for my family and friends. Those who love Hello Kitty ! Please come here and take a look.

 A playground for the kids ! Just beside the Hello Kitty shop.

Bye Taiwan, Hello Singapore...

My personal view in Taiwan..

I am really enjoy my 7D6N in Taiwan. I had been TaiChung and Taipei. It is really cool place to explore in Taiwan. Taiwanese are very friendly and helpful. They all are willing to help you and bring you around. Especially, I met a taxi uncle who shares with me about heir local food and bring me to the shop to get their local food for my family and friends. He also even telling me where to go for my next day. I absolutely excited for my every small little explore in Taiwan. Their culture full of interesting which you won't get bored of it. I prefer non-city side just like in Taichung. In Taichung, you really can save a lot of money because their things are much cheaper than in Taipei.

I hope I can go back to Taiwan to explore more !