Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 2 in Tai Chung ~

The weather in Taiwan is such cooling ....

This is there bus-stop.. It is so different from Singapore. It is because in Singapore, there is shelter and a few seats for the passengers.

 Have a Starbucks drink before I explore the Taichung !


 Continue to walk ~

Welcome to TaiChung Main Station !

If you are in Taiwan, you should try their train! It is really enjoyable. 

Waiting for the train to move ~ 

I bought a random ticket to tour around the area. 

 Everyone is waiting patiently. The train is very clean..

Here we go !!!!

 A special zone for female passengers at night. It is because the train station is dark and very dangerous for female passengers who are waiting for the train.

Gong Yuan Eye Clinic (宮原眼科)

In Tai Chung, you won't miss their famous ice cream at Gong Yuan Eye Clinic. The Gong Yuan Eye Clinic is housed in one of these historic landmarks. It is a great place to chill at during the summer. They even sell drinks and their local biscuits such as pineapple tarts.

 Forever long queue...

 A good place to chill at ...

Ice cream at Gong Yuan is divided into three distinct flavor categories: fruit-based, chocolate, and tea-based. For those who don’t read Chinese, English menus are also offered (just ask one of the friendly staff members). Chocolate flavors come in a variety of percentages, ranging from 100% South African Cocoa to a lighter 62% Fruity and Floral. 

 Chocolate ice cream corner.

 Fruity Ice Cream Corner !

 Floral ice cream Corner !

So, I ordered Lychee ( the staffs recommend me ) , Vanilla Milk and 68% Chocolate. Topping of banana, pineapple tart, cheesecake and raisins. It is a big portion which you can share with your family or friends.

 I'm back again in Fengjia Night Market... I won't miss out my favourite sweet potatoes with plum flavour. It's taste great...

 KOI fever in Singapore.. So do Taiwan ?

 Yes ! This a local food which I love the most ! This is yummy and delicious.

 * Extra Information *
Address: No. 20 Zhong Shan Road, Taichung City (台中市中山路20號)
Phone: (04) 2227-1927
Business Hours: 10:00~22:00
Transportation: Gong Yuan Eye Clinic is a mere 5 minutes walk from Taichung Train Station (buses/train/HSR leave from Taipei Main Station)