Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bangkok 2016 Night Market

1. Hua Mum Night Market

Address: 11 Kaset-Nawamin Road, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand
Opening hours: Tue - Sun, 6pm - 12 am
Nearest MRT station: Lat Phra MRT station (still need to take taxi)

Hua Mum Night Market that is hidden gem. Even many of Thai people are no idea where is this place. This night market is far from the city. You have to take Taxi to come here. However, many taxi drivers or even TukTuk driver have no ideas where is this place. You can try your luck to ask them to bring you there.

Many vendors do not understand english which is very difficult to communicate with them. So, it's best to bring your phone to show the price you want to bargain.
shoes shoes!

Many food vendors!



All kind of products

Many small shops

MY Dream Café

ATM (just outside the entrance)

shoes shoes

Coconut shake

Nice place to chill ~

So many people queue for the food

2. Rot Fai Market Rachada II

Address: Ratcadaphisek Road (behind Esplanade Shopping Mall)
Opening hours: Tue - Sun, 6pm - 12 am
Nearest MRT station: National Cultural Centre MRT station

Rot Fai Market Rachada II is behind Esplanade Shopping Mall. It is easy to go by taking MRT.
This is the second train night market in Bangkok. First and Third Rot Fai Market are not easy to go by taking their BTS or MRT.

This night market is smaller than the first Rot Fai market. However, it is a good place for easy access and nearest to city. It's open on Tuesday till Sunday.

Entrance to Rot Fai Nightmarket


Ramen just simply cost 69Baht

Clothes clothes

clothes again

Clothes again

A lot of small pubs

Pubs again

So many things to explore!

Old vintage toys

Vintage Barber shop

Healthy smoothie drink

*All taken by iPhone 6s Plus


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