Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Malaysia, Johor Bahru - Boat Noodle

I love to eat boat noodle especially the spicy and sour taste of the sauce. The boat noodle origin from Thailand.

If you miss Thailand food, you can try out "Boat Noodle" in Malaysia, Johor Bahru. However, the taste of the food is not 100% same as in Thailand.



There are not many varieties but their food are standard.

This is how you take your order. Likewise, in Thailand, the same principle of accompanying food items are at your side table. Psst, the fish sauce is definitely worth to add in to your boat noodle.

Once you decide what to order, call  the staffs and they take your orders.

The ice milk tea taste so milky. Those who like to add more condense milk then this is specially for you.

First up it's the Grilled Chicken Meatball. True to its menu, very juicy and sauce accompanied very well.

Here comes the main part. On the top right is clear soup based which is called Pathumtani and the others are Ayutthaya. You have options whether to go for the rice or egg noodle. Our recommendations go for the rice noodle which in this picture.

Pathumthani recipe is a dark soy sauce broth with an appetizingly sour-ish and delicately spicy flavor. 

Ayutthaya has an intensify flavor based creamy dark broth with no less than ten herbs and spices. 

After the satisfying meal, you can make your way to the cashier to make a payment. Do take note that they accept cash only.

Rating 1.5/5  😟 

Andress: Komtar JBCC, 80000 Johor Bahru, at Level 3



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