Sunday, 11 September 2016

Why Should You Travel to Some Place Foreign Yearly

I love to travel as much as the next person. I love going out, exploring places, learning foreign culture, meeting new people and experiencing new things. There are a ton of things I find around the world that my hometown won't be able to offer.

But with that being said, I still love home and will always come back to it. There's just something about travelling that gets my excitement going and my adrenaline pumped. Hence, I created a list of places to travel to every year to keep me going.

Most of my friends and acquaintances, when they found out, find it odd, as they would rather much stay at home when there are public holidays and relax in nearby hotels or relax at home, while I want to go for adrenaline-boosting activities such as paragliding or talking with locals of different countries.

While you may find it odd, planning a yearly trip to places you haven't been to yet does have its benefits!

Travelling has tons of benefits, but what about going to places you've never travelled to? The answer is yes! Here are some of these benefits:

You get to open your eyes to new perspectives. The more you see, the better your understanding will be around the world. This enables you to become a better person who is able to open up to others.

You become more outgoing. Your social skills will improve the more you meet the locals and interact with other tourists. Travelling gives you new opportunities to improve on your social interaction skills, and you make new friends and networks along the way.

With travelling, you find out who you are as a person. You learn more about yourself when travelling more so than if you were simply at home or doing your usual routine.

Heard of Bragging Rights? This one is the ultimate

learn physical skills from the adventures you do, but also mental abilities such as thinking positively, social interaction, and the willingness to open yourself up to new opportunities.

Travelling opens you up to a whole new world, literally. You learn more when experiencing things firsthand rather than in an institution, where you are one with the local scene and its people.

Travelling challenges you to do better and get out of your usual routine. If you are stuck with your usual morning coffee and staring at the laptop screen, then it's time for change. And change for the better. You get this through travelling and seeing the world in a whole new perspective outside your phone or laptop.

While going for a trip to a foreign destination yearly is scary, it does give you a great perk - bragging rights! You'll be able to come home with the coolest stories that will envy others and encourage them to do what you did.

Outside your comfort zone

Travelling shows you that dreams can be accomplished and you will feel fulfilled once you get on that plane and take off. You're actually doing something outside your comfort zone and ready to experience new things! That's growing up.

You'll be surprised to see that travelling is actually easier than expected. All it takes is a bit of saving and the willingness to push yourself out there. Once you do, then you'll find that everything else will start to fit like a puzzle piece. Destination unknown? You'll be able to explore with pleasure so long as you get your butt up and get going!

Once you get home, not only will you feel more pumped and productive, but you'll also start to appreciate your hometown. After all, there's nothing like the feeling of arriving safely and plopping down your familiar bed after a great vacation.

Travelling holds a lot of benefits, and it isn't just the fact you'll be relaxing! This goes especially when you are going somewhere you aren't familiar with! Check out the best places you haven't visited yet and start planning your ultimate vacation. You'll definitely have the time of your life and thank yourself later with all the experiences you had when travelling.

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