Monday, 5 August 2013

Travelling the Malay Peninsula by train

Normally we get hook on riding fancy cars or accumulate on riding buses that are quick, cheap and efficient. But riding these are a pain in the neck, when long hours journey, we can't simply complain in agony about long hours being cramp inside an uncomfortable bus if it were not an express or a car that does not do justice too. Taking a plane maybe it's the best solution behind these two modes but it's not taking anywhere near to our destinations. So where do we look at? Taking the train!

Keretapi Tanah Melayu or in short " KTM" is the sole operator for the tracks that runs through the Malay Peninsula in Malaysia. Based in Kuala Lumpur, it's distance are on 1,677KM in length and a track gauge of 1,000mm that's considerable as metre gauge compared to other countries. Having a reasonable comfortable speed and fares that are generally reasonable too, their low frequency of the intercity trains does not usually make them competitive with other modes of transportation. But despite of that, one does not simply enjoy by taking the scenic scenes running through the Malaysia countryside.

YDM4 about to enter the newly rebuild of Johor Bahru Railway Station. 

A typical day at Kempas Bahru Railway Station

Station master on duty flagging the train off

Feeling shag and out of place after a good knockout after work? Well look no further. As KTM do provide overnight train service. 

The interior of Air-Condition Day Night Sleeper (ADNS)

Air-Condition Second Class (ASC)

If you're lucky, you'll be able to find KTM's another refurbished ASC. 

Air-Condition First Class. You may be able to find on some selected services.

Air-Condition Economy Class (AEC) .  I would not recommend much on taking "Shuttle" services as it's uncomfortable to some at an extend that it's not air-condition all the time. 

Blasting it's way through Malaysia's Jungle 

A passing train at a newly rebuild of Gemas Railway Station.

Freshly painted Class 24 locomotive. It was originally grey

KTM's own style of Shuttle Train service

Besides getting on to their counter, booking a train ticket is easy via . The vast search engine will populate their train services which are available on that specific day. Do note that if you're thinking on booking, their advances day are only valid at a 60 day cycle. 

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