Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Top 5 Travel in Singapore

1. Please bring umbrella along whenever you traveling at outdoor. You can't predict the weather because it will suddenly rain without any notice.

2. Beware of Singapore Black Cab

Premium Limo Black Cab is the most expensive cab in Singapore. When you flag down, immediately $5. The meter ticks up at $0.30/unit. In addition, surcharges start at $4.75.

You can take any cab in singapore but be careful of black cab. If you don't mind to pay more, you can try it. The driver wearing formal and their service is excellent.

3. Respect others Race & Religion

In Singapore, you should respect one another because Singapore is a place whereby all races and religion staying together.

4. Do not littering in Singapore

Anywhere or Anytime you go.. Please do not littering in Singapore. If you get caught, you will be fine and even jail.

Singapore is a litter free !

5. Wear Light and comfortable.

Singapore is all day Hot and Humid !

so Welcome to our Lovely Singapore ! If you want to more about Singapore, you could email me. I will reply ASAP.